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Pub-Forum Members at BEA

Photos by Alan Canton

BEA 2000

Al Canton at BEA entrance

Al Canton and Mayapriya Long

Floor at BEA

Pat Bell & Cynthia Frank

Mardi Link

Jan Nathan

Peter Goodman

Dan Poynter

Sharon Goldinger

Virginia Van Vynckt

BEA 2003

Marty Gilliland (United Graphics) and Becky Pate (Central Plains)

Mardi Link and Gene Schwartz (both from ForeWord)

Tordis, Mayapriya, and Dan Poynter

Peter Goodman

Pub-forum dinner group

Al Canton and the type of girls he attracts

Al Canton and Pete Masterson

Brian Judd

Barry Kerrigan

Dan Poynter and Mary Westheimer

Fern Reiss and others at pub-forum dinner

Paulette Ensign

Pam Fenner and Cate Monroe

Paul Krupin and Pat Bell

Sharon Goldinger and Susan Goland